1.16 Update
Started by BeYondZer

Kingdom Eternal has returned!

Disclaimer: May not list everything and things are subject to change


  • RPG updated to 1.16.4 and world reset
  • Creative updated to 1.16.4 and world reset (old world available to copy builds over)
  • /ignore works properly now
  • MyPet added (the ability to tame a mypet must be obtained before being able to tame them, scrolls to learn how to tame different mypets can be obtained from the new pet crate or through other means)
  • Warp tutorial replaced with library
  • New MemberPlus rank (more details at spawn)
  • Phantom Menace boss added (more details available from library)
  • Infernal mobs added, naturally spawning monsters with different attributes
  • Quests repaired
  • New miniquest Portals, needed to access the portals to the nether and end at spawn
  • Custom fishing added (more details available from library)
  • Custom enchants are still a thing (more details available from library)
  • The Races minigame added (with leaderboards)
  • Chess minigame added (with leaderboards) 
  • /townmenu (gui), a new way to manage your town
  • Foxes can be tamed and behave more like a wolf (more details available from library)



  • Classes and Races removed, starter area replaced with a kit selection
  • Adminshop replaced with player shops (more details available from library)
  • Deadbolt replaced with LWC
  • Quest Well of Memories reward (previously resetting of class and race, previously access to the void shop) replaced with the ability to 

    (this has not be implemented yet)

    battle against hardmode varient of quest bosses

  • Quest Wolf Sanctuary reward (previously becoming a werewolf) replaced with the ability to 
    tame the mypet wolf available from the guild


Donor Changes

Gladiator removed

Assassin renamed to Templar

Predator renamed to Phoenix

Fly removed

Kit food and repair removed

Homes for Phoenix rank set to 100 homes

Silkspawners removed

Pweather added to Templar

Ptime swapped from Templar to Elite

/lay and /crawl added to Dragon

/e added to Dragon

Some other changes

Over 2 years ago